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The 15th BBCC/JTES conference in Riga November 16-18, 2017


BBCC/JTES international conference:

“Sustainable Development. Culture. Education: Interplay of tradition and innovation for ESD” will be held for BBCC members with the aim to deepen the understanding and interpretation of methodology of transdisciplinary perspective and stakeholders approach for transformations to sustainability.


Expected outcome: identification of transdisciplinary issues and development strategies for social innovations creation for ESD in education, transdisciplinary research for ESD and organization of transformations to sustainability in institutions. The conference will open the forum for addressing the challenges set by SDG and GAP.


The following modes of participation are suggested:
  • Presentations at the plenary sessions which are given by the keynote speakers invited by the Scientific Committee of the conference.
  • Paper sessions where paper presentations are allocated 30 minutes for presentation and questions from the audience. Each paper session will have a chair person. Dissemination of handouts is highly appreciated.
  • Workshops which provide training in the areas of research, methods, interventional programmers, community practices, youth and other different kinds of initiatives, etc. The length of the workshops will range between 90 and 120 minutes depending on their scale and scope.
  • Posters where scientific work is presented in a graphical form. Maximum size 90 cm width by 190 cm height. In a poster presentation, at least one of the authors must be present.

The language of the conference will be English.

Organization / Beneficiary : Biedrība Asociācija darbības pētījumi izglītībai
Registration Fee: 150 EURO.
The name of the bank: AS "SEB banka"
Account Number: LV80UNLA0050022604485
By making payment, please, indicate your name and the the purpose of Payment
(registration fee for the 15th JTEF conference)


There is a possibility to apply for Riga Technical University Hotel, "Integralis",
Azenes iela 6 https://maps.google.com/?q=Azenes+iela+6&entry=gmail&source=g
Riga, Kipsala, LV1048
In case of any questions, please, contact us: anna.teivane@rtu.lv
Foto https://www.rtu.lv/lv/studijas/arpusstudijas/studentu-viesnicas/studentu-viesnicu-atrasanas-vietas/azenes-iela-6-integralis

Pricing for 1 day:
Single room (in 3 room apartamant). Joint kitchen, shower and wc)- 24EUR
Double room (3 room apartamnet). Joint kitchen, shower, wc) - 33 Eur
Single room studio (separate room with a kitchen corner, wc) - 40 Eur
Double room studio ( searate wider room with kitchen corner, shower +wc)- 50 Eur
Triple room studio (separate wider room with a kitchen corner, shower, +wc) - 73 Eur
Single room apartament (single room with a kitchen, shower +wc) . Only upper flours) - 55 Eur
Double room apartaments (guest room with a kitchen, shower +wc). Only upper flours) - 70 Eur