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The 15th BBCC/JTES conference in Riga November 16-18, 2017


Conference Venue
Riga Technical University Faculty of E-learning Technologies and Humanities
Kronvalda Bulvāris 1
Riga, Latvia


There is a possibility to apply for Riga Technical University Hotel, "Integralis",
Azenes iela 6 https://maps.google.com/?q=Azenes+iela+6&entry=gmail&source=g
Riga, Kipsala, LV1048
In case of any questions, please, contact us: anna.teivane@rtu.lv
Foto https://www.rtu.lv/lv/studijas/arpusstudijas/studentu-viesnicas/studentu-viesnicu-atrasanas-vietas/azenes-iela-6-integralis

Pricing for 1 day:
Single room (in 3 room apartamant). Joint kitchen, shower and wc)- 24EUR
Double room (3 room apartamnet). Joint kitchen, shower, wc) - 33 Eur
Single room studio (separate room with a kitchen corner, wc) - 40 Eur
Double room studio ( searate wider room with kitchen corner, shower +wc)- 50 Eur
Triple room studio (separate wider room with a kitchen corner, shower, +wc) - 73 Eur
Single room apartament (single room with a kitchen, shower +wc) . Only upper flours) - 55 Eur
Double room apartaments (guest room with a kitchen, shower +wc). Only upper flours) - 70 Eur